Meet me in the Sanctuary!

Meet me in the Holy Place!

Take off your shoes,

Grace unhindered,

I’ll bow my heart

Just hide your face!

On the desert mountain

A covenant is forged

With holy finger

On stone inscribed.

Seraphim sing, “Hallelujah!”

Bated breath,

Now man must die.

Who can stand here

In the presence

Of self existence?

The Great I Am!

Moriah stands off

In the distance,

The valley echoes!

A bleating Lamb!

A pledge of God

Himself to make

Of never failing love.

Though Eden grows

With sinful thorns

Golgotha flows with blood!

“But, sin abounds,”

We cry in anguish!

The night has never

Seemed so dark.

Fear not! For he has sworn

By Himself

Never to depart!”

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